Late night🌆

You are the owner of your 24hrs

Hello!In my last post i was post about the morning person and now in this post i am going to write about late night person.

Well!i want to tell i am also a late night person😉.

I really like working in late night because that time my mind is working more as compare to early morning…its all depend on us that on which time we want to work.

But some times we have to suffer a lots of problem due to late night working like dark circle around eyes,eyes becomes weak…etc…


Morning with sunrise makes your day energetic

If you are morning person then heartly congrats to you becuase you get more morning working hours…

All people has different routine some are early morning person and some are late night person.Its all depends on you.

All the things have disadvantage and advantage both.Nothing is best its depend on us how we manage the things.

If you are early morning person,start you day with a warm water and then do yoga it makes your whole day energetic.

Yoga brings a postivity in you

If you are morning person then try to complete your to do list before ending of the day and try to complete maximum things in the morning because in morning you will get more hours.

Person’s ability:personality💯👤

Your ability is propotional to your personality😎

What is personality?????

A person’s ability is personality.Personality depends on your thinking i.e. how far do u able to think.

Personality varies from person to person its doesn’t depends on how you look.It doesn’t matter you are tall or short or you are fair or dark in colour or you are poor or rich.Your personlity shows by our positive thinking.

Its totally depend on your positive thinking about everything.

Negativity effects your personality even negativity loose your confidence amd makes you nervous.

Personality varies from person to person.

Your self attitude towards your goal develop your personality

Love the way you are😎

You are the most intelligent,beautiful,smart and bold person in your life.

Always love yourself more than the other thing in your life.

Give first priority to yourself and never compromise you for any other thing because in every hard or difficult situation there is one person who always stand for you i.e. you”

If you think you are single then you don’t love yourself or you don’t believe in you.

Why you think that you are single?

You are enough to dating yourself.You are the most strongest person to phase situation in your life so why you always searching for someone.

“If you believe you definately can”

Whoever you are whatever you have in your life just love yourself in every situation.Accept yourself who you are.Never change yourself and your lifestyle for any other reason.

If you change for any other person that means you don’t love yourself.If other person really loves you then they accept you the way you are.

“I am more than what you think”

Never compare your life with others because everyone has same life but the difference between you and others is the lifestyle and the lifestyle depends totally on you and your dreams.

If you dream big then you change your lifestyle.So everyone has same life,same days,same years and time but all the things depends on you that how much you utilize.

If you love yourself if you want yourself on the other level so keep enough confidence to build an empire for you.

Love yourself doesn’t mean of becoming a selfish.Also be kind and understanding person.If you really loves you then you will have golden heart and automatically becoming a most loving person for yourself and others too.

Last but not the least love the way you are,love the life you have,love the qualities you have,love the look you have,love the smartness you have,love each and everything you have.

“Date yourself everyday”

Watch the watch⌚



Importance of watch:

If we see now a days many people have habbit of wearing watch and most of them fashion purpose.

Watch is one the most important accessory i thought.

According to my opnion it is the only thing that always run forward it never move backward not even for a milisecond.

In 24 hrs of day,i agreed not all hours spent best i know some ups and down is happening in everyones life….but it will not repeat..time is moving forward…so everyone has to be move forward with the time…right…

We should have to keep a watch with us every time because according to me it is best motivator.Suppose unfortunately something went wrong with us if we see the watch n immdetiately think that this time will also goes on….

And the other thing is the importance of time…

Time is the most precious in our life so we have to always value it….watch shows the time whether it is good or bad…

Always see the watch and value your every second every minute and every hour because once its gone then never come back….

So the watch is urs and time is urs value band…

“Bade buzurg hamesha kaha karte hai ki band ghari diwar par mat lagaya kro ya samne mat rakha karo”…thats why the concept of watch is deep…

And other thing watch give us a branded look….⌚😎 That everyone want….


“Corona se mat darona

Enjoy corona”

Whole world are now scared about the dangerous virus.

Yea! This is dangerous but its all up to us how we protect us even protect whole world from this dangerous virus.

All your safety depends on you only.Try to wash your hand regurlary by using soap or liquid.

Avoid public place atleast for some days so that it will reduce to spread.Eat healthy food,drink more and more water as you can.

Use mask and hanky all the while meeting with someone or while travelling.

If we wear mask it means we protect our earth

If you are suffering from cough or cold then immediately visit to dr for medication don’t wait for it to spread more.Take all preacaution as early as possible.


Keep calm if we take care of yourself so automatically whole world will safe.



How to plan your day?

The best way to plan your day: “using 1-D method”

1-D method=one day method

Plan your day according to day wise.For example,if your want to complete your particular target in 2 days, don’t preplanned for 2 days first you have to plan for one day then you check your status that how much you achieve your target then also u set for next day so that you will complete your target on time.

How to make a plan?


1.Set your target.

2.Make a priority list.

3.Set a maximum hours to complete your target if you complete your task before your maximum hour so that will boost you up and you will feel confindent.

4.Don’t choose an imaginary target.Be realistic with your target.Start with small target.

5.Take a small break between them so that you will not feel bored.But remember don’t take break for more than 10min.

6.Give quality time to yourself.After finishing your target and all other things then give time to self and try to talk yourself.If you don’t talk with yourself then you missed the meeting with the most important person in your life i.e. you.

7.Give minimum 30min. to yoga or any physical exercise for mentally balance yourself.

8.Take a proper sleep.Don’t compromise with your sleep try to yake atleast 7hrs of sleeping a day.

So make a plan according to these point which are given above.